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OH S*&#!
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13 Jan - Do want
astral jelly

This chair...UNNGH. I want it. Bad. Look at it...so...beautiful. Do waaaaant. ; - ; When I rule the world, that chair will be my throne, and that artist will be my slave...making me octopus chairs, beds, toilets, bathtubs, EVERYTHING.

Beeeautiful. Here is the artist's website with tons if interesting information on this chair.
astral jelly
So...a few posts ago I was babbling on some artistic things that had me inspired and what nots. Well, here goes for my current brainstorm/storyline/blahdeblah. I have no expectations as of yet of what I plan on doing with this...I am just going on what I am inspired to do, and right now that's get the storyline/plot out of my head, on to paper, and the illustrate these characters that are emerging from said storyline. There are no promises of this amounting to anything. My muse is a bit raw right now, and we're just rekindling some flames.

Anyways, here goes.

The setting is an alien world, which follows similar laws of physics to that of our own. This world has many races. I don't quite feel like blabbering on the world itself as I have yet to do my research to solidify the world in my head. However, I would like to discuss two races: the Nauscians and the Daggerjaws. The Nauscians are a smaller sect of a larger race (nearly chemically identical to our human race). They are a tribal people with an aquatic affinity. They have no weird mutation or anything like that, and don't really have much running for them except for one minor genetic "defect"...The Echidna Syndrome.

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I introduce to you...Aronea.

right-click + view image

Aronea on the farthest right, I know, looks funny. I haven't corrected her face yet. I'm lazy. I'll get to it. > < Her junky face is better than nothing, right? ...Wait... ._.
astral jelly

I needed to share it.

Anyways.  I'm working on a new layout for my journal.  Yes, while listening to this.  After all that is done I will post my workings I mentioned a few posts ago.
astral jelly
That's where I've been. I haven't achieved much in the past few months (or even, year)...other than a few more good references for my resumes. :/ I need to do more stuff. > < I waste so much time on games and doing nothing in particular other than wasting my free time. I didn't think I was going to have a new year's resolution, but now I do. Be more productive in what matters more to me. And what's that? My art and my health. I've already picked back up on my art. Now I just need to get something going health-wise. Once winter is over I'm getting rid of my car and getting a bike..since I live so close to my work. :] That's one thing.

I've started drawing again! It all started with Christmas...being poor I made most of my presents. :] And since I picked drawing back up..story lines and characters have been popping into my head like woah. One includes Aronea, a sea witch. Tomorrow I'll post what I've been working on plus my ideas.

For now..good night.
16 Sep - Two Dreams
astral jelly
Please excuse random broken English, I wrote this directly after waking up. I had to record these.

first dream
I was hunted by predator like creature, waited for a long time to kill him, had set up trap. It took place in a warehouse with a bunch of other people. Billy was there. I have had this dream before, or atleast the part where I was waitting on him. My parents were in the dream as well. I waited for him in a room with another person. He was hunting me, so we used that to set up a trap. The plan was for me to hide behind a beam in the room (it was like an attick room) and when he approached I was to smack him in the face with a latter. He never came. Eventually we ended up in the main warehouse area, ever person there. I was looking for pepper spray, because I still wanted to kill him. He then started to pick us off one by one, sniper style. I was ducking and dodging, Billy was gone. Then I woke up.

Emotions felt: scared, tense, focused (on surviving)

second dream
I fell in love with a man who wanted to kill me. He was an otherworldly hunter. Beautiful, compassionate, and dangerous. We spent a lot of time together the entire "day" and I learned about his art through explaining what he was about to do to me. When it came down for him to hunt/kill me, I convinced him how I would be of use to him. After much pleading he agreed, decided not to kill me, and then made love to me. Afterwords, he left (I guess to go hunt). But when he left Billy contacted me through the computer, like he was a ghost, and he could also hear me through the phone lines. I got paranoid about Billy finding out about my new found love and began to feel guilty.

Emotions felt: love, fear, passion, desire, paranoia
astral jelly
Entheo is greak for god generated from within.

Starting to get back into Spirituality. This interest comes and it goes. Not quite sure if a habit will develop out of this random spark of interest, or if this will just pass. No matter what, I will do as I so well please. And this so pleases me.

Pot smoking + witchcraft.

I know. How more stereotypically 90's teenage rebel can I get? But I'm interested on more than a Hollywood level. Witchcraft and the use of (for a lack of a better term)drugs. When I get these kicks, I'm more interested on understanding why and when these things were practiced. I guess the antiquity justifies it's authenticity with me? Or it just so fascinates me that the far previous generations used practices such as these. And how amazing these practices were.

The Eleusian Mysteries had been celebrated uninterrupted for two thousand years before their destruction by Christian forces in 395 AD. Held annually, the ceremony was open to all citizens. The Initiate was led into the Telesterion (Inner sanctum) where they ingested a hallucinogenic potion called the Kykeon. They left wonderstruck and forever changed.

The ergot fungus (Claviceps purpurea) was responsible for the miracle at Eleusis, and also the plague called Saint Anthony's Fire, a disease that brought victims on a desperate pilgrimage to the shrine of Saint Anthony for healing. During the Dark Ages, whenever grains became ergotized, (parasitized by the ergot fungus), this terrible fury would be unleashed.

Dictated by seasonal conditions and growing cycles, people unknowingly consumed contaminated harvests. Claviceps purpurea contains alkaloids of the lysergic acid group. Those eating infected grain soon developed gangerous limbs which withered and fell away, along with delusions and hallucinations, symptoms attributed directly to the Devil's influence.

The Shaman/Witch realized that ergot could also be used for healing, enabling difficult births to be hastened without post-parturition hemorrhage. The key was in the dosages and methods of administration.

Eventually ergot crossed paths with the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann, who in 1943 synthesized LSD-25, the most powerful hallucinogen then known, launching the psychedelic sixties."

It's fucking interesting I tell you! ..So wait..should I be on LSD when I give birth? (Side Note: Fucking kidding...or am I?)
astral jelly
Agh, what to do, what to do. Back from my vacation of relaxation and no responsibilities, to return to my chaotic world where my job is never done. I pulled up my recent drawing to work on it, then I remembered I needed to create some jewelry for the store, however to do that (since my MP3 player died before leaving on the cruise) I have to re-download my music. And...ugh...I just don't know what to do...other than complain about it on livejournal.

Fuck, I just need to organize my thoughts. Develop a plan. Here we go. Spend from now until dinner downloading music, as that should be plenty of time to get some artists. If I'm not satisfied then I'll continue it until 7:30. At 7:30 I shall make some jewelries. At 11 (or 10, depends on how many I can complete in that time) I will study until 12:30. At that time I will work on my drawing. Bam. Plan achieved. Now time to get to work.
astral jelly
I went on a cruise with a few lady friends recently. Had some good times and a beautiful view. However I have a warning: don't go with a group of friends. Miscommunications happen, often. Especially due to the fact that cell phones cast over 50 cents a text, and then international rates apply for calling. That is, if you even can connect to international texting and calling. Being on T-Mobile, I was not able to even connect. So, yeah, no communication + ADD females + a whole new world = complications. Oh well. Lesson learned. I really want to go with Billy and his family, and take walkie talkies.

But Mexico was pretty cool, even though all we did was shop. Hopefully, if I go again, I will be swimming with the dolphins next time. But it just would have taken too much money. But now I know how much it costs I'll be able to. I picked a stone bird pipe, though. Very pretty little thing. I enjoy collecting animal-shaped pieces. They fascinate me. The bowl is in the back and the mouth piece is in the tail. Cute little thing.

I want this..bad!

astral jelly
So I start school tomorrow...bright and early...

And what am I doing?

Yep. It brings the inspiration.
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