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OH S*&#!
Music post plus art 
13 Feb
astral jelly

I thought the song sucked...until about 55s in, then I shat bricks. <3

and I finished the Guro Lolita doodle.

Guro Loli
by ~nucifera on deviantART
31 Jul (UTC)
Haven't seen you around in a little while, how have you been doing?
14 Nov (UTC)
wish u were still active on here :/ do u use tumblr or something else instead now?
03 Dec (UTC)
I waste time on tumblr. That's about it. I noticed your post seeking out an active community. I actually logged back onto this account seeking out the same thing. But before I start blabbering... I'm going to finish up my thoughts on this subject there. :)
03 Dec (UTC)
oh yay! nice to see you :3 i have a tumblr, whats yours?

03 Dec (UTC)
omg I LOVE YOUR THEME it brings me sooooo back haha. its awesome! did you make it?
03 Dec (UTC)
Thank you! :D I did. And it's so broken now. The image is supposed to be larger and align with the gradient. XD It did once upon a time. lol. I need to make a new one and update all of this. Too bad I have to go into work. D:

OHHH. YOU MEAN TUMBLR. Nooo I didn't make it. I found the BG and the theme is a Windows 95 theme..found..uhhhhh....here: http://themes.edada.ms/?n :D They have other awesome ones too.

Edited at 2013-12-03 04:54 pm (UTC)
04 Dec (UTC)
oh nifty :3
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