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OH S*&#!
Gaming to become healthy 
23 Jan
astral jelly
Is the coolest concept, ever. I mean...58 minutes blew by while I was playing on Wii Fit Plus. I set up some exercises and games and I thought I was pushing myself. When I was done with my first set, I was still hungry for more. So hands down, Wii wins for weightloss/exercising. I first started out on the 19th with My Fitness Coach Dance something or other...and I mean..it was fun...but I get so lost with my feet. Then, the other day I got Wii Fit Plus and Just Dance 2. Uh, Just Dance 2 rocks the house. I had a blast. The dance moves are rad, the songs are rad...Satisfaction is on there, and it had me doing the robot. Yeah. Now I just need some weed and some friends.

Anyways, and then I hopped on Wii Fit Plus, and that was just as fun. So many different games that has you burning calories without you even knowing it. Now all I need is a heart monitor to properly measure my calories burned and I'll be good to go. But I don't want to pay an arm and a leg...maybe $40. MAYBE. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for it.

But yeah, as you can tell, I have definitely been keeping up that healthy-end of my new years resolution bargain. I've done a lot of research, too. I plan on losing 2 lbs per week up until October, and to do so...I had to come up with some calculations...and here they are...

(Math = Win, by the way)

BMR (Basically calories I burn just for living)
Allowance (What I'm allowing myself to eat in calories)
1300 - 1400
Deficit (Allowance minus what I normally burn)
1300-1975= -675
(Here's where it gets a little tricky. It takes 7000 calories to burn 2 lbs. So, divide that up into 7 days you get 1000 calories. So, to make my total calories burned throughout the day, I have to figure how many calories needed to turn "675" into "1000")
-675+1000(losing 2lbs a week)=325
Carlories Needed to be burned daily to meet the 7000 cal weekly goal
325 is the magic number!

If you're confused, I don't blame you...it took a lot of reading for me to understand it.

Anyways...and today I kinda fucked up. So...the boyfriend wanted Taco Bell. And I was like, "Awesome! Challenge time!" And I did not order what I normally get(nachoes bel grande + a chalupa), and thought I was eating sensible when I ordered 2 chicken burritos. Yeah..NO. One.....ONE has 430 calories. Yeah..and I had TWO. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

So, NEXT TIME I go to Taco Hell, I am ordering the Fresco Crunchy Taco (150 cal) and an order of Mexican rice (130 cal). AND THAT'S IT. No more thinking chicken has less calories than beef, because when it comes down to taco bell, apparently it does not. Siiiiiiigh. Well..considering I think there was ranch on there....and rice...and god knows what else. - - I failed the challenge. Hands down. However, I'm looking at this as a lesson learned. > >
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