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OH S*&#!
15 Jan
astral jelly
So I asked my work if I could have my dreadlocks back. The answer was basically no. Then I asked if I could at least have non-natural hair color. The answer was basically no.

I had never felt so lame in my life.

I need to get off my lazy ass and make my own dough. Fuck the industry, I will sell my greatest talent. Prostitution, here I come.
16 Jan (UTC)
I was utterly pumped when I asked my boss if I could get my ears pierced again. Had them when I was a little younger, and had to take them out for a previous job. Also got the septum done, and that one is easily hide-able and so anyone can get it.

Sometimes having personal freedom about your looks is a cost of a job. Sometimes the job is worth it, most of the time it's not.
16 Jan (UTC)
Well, I am able to keep my piercings, so I'm thankful for that. I'm just a spoiled rotten brat and I want to express myself like the unique snowflake I am.
16 Jan (UTC)
17 Jan (UTC)
You and I have a lot in common. I like dreads and crazy hair!

BTW, nice horned icon.. : >

<3 <3
17 Jan (UTC)
Thank you! The artist is Kei Ogasawara. And man that's a mouthful. I looove that icon that you're using now. Creepy girl glare..yes. :3

Awesome to hear! Dreads are awesome. I love them so much. Do you have dreadlocks?

Me, on the right, when I had my pink dreads. <333 Oh how I miss them.
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