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OH S*&#!
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astral jelly

I thought the song sucked...until about 55s in, then I shat bricks. <3

and I finished the Guro Lolita doodle.

Guro Loli
by ~nucifera on deviantART
30 Jan - Relinquishy
astral jelly
Sitting comfortably in my warm heightened state of mind, I began to wander into my past dark self and creative expression. While pondering on the journaling aspect of it all it was then that I remembered Deadjournal, Livejournal's deceased twin. That also reminds me of invite codes and journal adoptions. But that's a total different subject.

But I slightly miss deadjournal. It was a wonderful alternative to the overly peppy livejournal. Plus it was a little easier to get into. I started to think that I wish the two could have merged, however, that my friends would have been a sell out.

Anyways, enough of that. I'm high, time to enjoy some King Gordy.

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25 Jan - Uh..yeah. <3
astral jelly

I want to see this. BAD.
astral jelly
Is the coolest concept, ever. I mean...58 minutes blew by while I was playing on Wii Fit Plus. I set up some exercises and games and I thought I was pushing myself. When I was done with my first set, I was still hungry for more. So hands down, Wii wins for weightloss/exercising. I first started out on the 19th with My Fitness Coach Dance something or other...and I mean..it was fun...but I get so lost with my feet. Then, the other day I got Wii Fit Plus and Just Dance 2. Uh, Just Dance 2 rocks the house. I had a blast. The dance moves are rad, the songs are rad...Satisfaction is on there, and it had me doing the robot. Yeah. Now I just need some weed and some friends.

Anyways, and then I hopped on Wii Fit Plus, and that was just as fun. So many different games that has you burning calories without you even knowing it. Now all I need is a heart monitor to properly measure my calories burned and I'll be good to go. But I don't want to pay an arm and a leg...maybe $40. MAYBE. I'm going to be keeping an eye out for it.

But yeah, as you can tell, I have definitely been keeping up that healthy-end of my new years resolution bargain. I've done a lot of research, too. I plan on losing 2 lbs per week up until October, and to do so...I had to come up with some calculations...and here they are...

Got a bit long..so boring weightloss stuff is behind the cut.Collapse )

Anyways...and today I kinda fucked up. So...the boyfriend wanted Taco Bell. And I was like, "Awesome! Challenge time!" And I did not order what I normally get(nachoes bel grande + a chalupa), and thought I was eating sensible when I ordered 2 chicken burritos. Yeah..NO. One.....ONE has 430 calories. Yeah..and I had TWO. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU.

So, NEXT TIME I go to Taco Hell, I am ordering the Fresco Crunchy Taco (150 cal) and an order of Mexican rice (130 cal). AND THAT'S IT. No more thinking chicken has less calories than beef, because when it comes down to taco bell, apparently it does not. Siiiiiiigh. Well..considering I think there was ranch on there....and rice...and god knows what else. - - I failed the challenge. Hands down. However, I'm looking at this as a lesson learned. > >
Random etsy plug with amazing cutout jewelries! Very creative and original designs that I'm in love with!



18 Jan - Win.
astral jelly
Haha...it seems I've made Pandora my bitch. How did I turn my TATU station into a electronica/techno and gothic metal station that occaisionally plays TATU? By whipping Pandora into shape, that's how.

Next step...making it say my name. -Mischievously glares at my pandora app on my phone.- Oh, it's gonna happen.

Oh...and I've been working on this today...

Guro Lawli's. :3
16 Jan - Another want
astral jelly

Sold here for $44 +s/h, which isn't that bad! I may be getting it on my next pay check. :3 I have the money now, I'd just much rather have more money. I almost spent $94 on some copic markers the other day, but I'm waitting for next paycheck for that purchase too. I just hate making such huge purchases, but I need both. D:
15 Jan - Pfffffffff.
astral jelly
So I asked my work if I could have my dreadlocks back. The answer was basically no. Then I asked if I could at least have non-natural hair color. The answer was basically no.

I had never felt so lame in my life.

I need to get off my lazy ass and make my own dough. Fuck the industry, I will sell my greatest talent. Prostitution, here I come.
astral jelly
But I did have a wonderful time. Despite how I feel about their fans, Psychopathic Records is one of my favorite independent record groups. Besides, when I was 13 I used to consider myself a Juggalette. So my attendance was basically like a return to my preteen years, and like I said, I had a blast. I got to see Dayton Family, AMB (who I didn't care much to see, but they put on a good show), and ICP. ABK was on the ticket, but he wasn't there. :(

My boyfriend and I were in the crowd, towards the front, and dead center. When ICP came onto the stage they openned with Dog Beats (It was called the Old Shit Tour, so go figure). However, when they started with that song the crowd went ape shit crazy. People in the back pushed to get closer to the front; the people in the front pushed back to keep from being squished; we were caught right in the middle of this crowd tug of war. After about five minutes of being washed around and (at some points)burried in bodies, my boyfriend started to push us out of it. He told me he couldn't handle protecting himself and me from the crowd. Haha...I was too lost in the music so I just went along with it. After finding a safer position, still close to the stage, we settled down and rocked out.

The show was all I expected it to be. Some of their greatest songs, clowns, fat chicks in dread falls and miniskirts, and faygo....a shit ton of faygo. Buckets, huge water guns, and of course, shaken up two liters..sprayed all over the crowd. When it came time to leave, I feared stepped outside in the cold. But leaving the venue drenched in diet root beer faygo and stepping out into the cold wasn't too bad at first. However, once the steaming wore off I was just wet out in the cold.

Now I just need to see Tech N9ne live and Tool live. Then I complete my list of the top three artists I'd like to see live. And speaking of live shows, I've been trying to look into Louisville's Dubstep scene...and I've found adds for shows that took place in 2010...but nothing for 2011. I saw that Bassnector AND Cyberoptix were both here last year...not at the same time...but the fact that I missed both kills me. Oh wells. I just need to find the right people with the right knowledge.
astral jelly
Why? Because I'm at a ICP concert. :3 expect pictures.

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